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Tuesday, March 10, 2009




Iam living in Singapore since 8 years and have been quite fascinated with the Singapore cuisine. One thing that I realized is that there are many similarities in various cuisines across Asia. Some recipes that are very similar to the ones made in India, the only variation being the flour used or the way it is eaten (I mean, the accompaniments). One such dish that I was fascinated with is the “Goreng Pisang” (“Pisang” means banana and “Goreng” means to fry), there is some controversy to the name though as the Malaysians and Indonesians call it Pisang Goreng which means fried banana. Anyways controversies apart I would like to share with all of you’ll the recipe of Ripe Banana Bajji(which is the Goreng Pisang of India), Bajji made with Ripe Bananas. This is a hot favorite with my husband. It’s very important what kind of banana you choose. The bananas shouldn’t be over-ripe or semi-ripe, they should be just right to eat. It shouldn’t be cut too thin else it will literally melt into the batter while frying. It should be cut into 11/2 inch lengths before frying. The batter shouldn’t be too watery, it should be thick enough to cover the banana completely, if the batter is watery the banana will get directly fried in the oil and the result will be very oily.


Bananas – 2 ripe ones

Bengal gram flour / Besan flour – 1 cup

Rice flour – 1 tbsp

Soda bi-carb – a pinch (optional)

Red chilly powder - 2 tsps

Salt as per taste

Oil – for deep frying


Peel the Bananas and cut into chunks. Keep aside. In a bowl, Add Besan flour, rice flour, a pinch of soda bi-carb, red chilly powder and salt as per taste. Add water and make a thick paste first, this ensures that the lumps get dissolved. Then add more water till it comes to the dosa better consistency. Keep aside. Now take a deep frying pan, Add oil for frying.

Take a chunk of banana and dip it into the batter, the banana should be coated well with the batter else it will come in direct contact with the oil and absorb too much oil. Drop the coated banana chunks into hot oil and deep fry until golden brown. Once you remove from oil place on kitchen towel to drain the excess oil. Serve hot. You can eat it just like that. Just bite into one and a riot of flavors explode into your mouth, ranging from hot, sweet, salty and crispy outside and the soft and gooey banana inside. Enjoy this delightful snack on a cold winter or rainy day.


I would like to share with you’ll the recipe of Goreng Pisang, wherein Rice flour, salt, sugar are mixed with water to form a batter like consistency and then Bananas(not over ripe usually the “Pisang Raja” variety available in this part of the world ) are dipped into this batter and deep fried. Sometimes, glutinous rice flour is also added to the batter and sometimes a bit of ginger powder is added to give that extra flavor to the batter. Then the bananas are dipped in the batter and deep fried until golden brown and served hot with a dash of cinnamon powder and some fresh cream.

I saw a beautiful rainbow outside and I thought I must capture it in my camera. There is a pot

of gold at the end of the rainbow. I thought this signifies the recession we are going through and the optimistic th

ought that it will end and things will brighten up as I believe that there is light at the end of a tunnel and we will find that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I would like to send this wonderful dish to my blogger friend Purva for the “ Festive Food – Holi” event that she is hosting.

I would also like to send this to PJ’s Tasty Bites for Toddlers event


Cham said...

I can see two rainbows, very new tasty recipe with banana.

Priti said...

Looks yummy...near my office there is one shop selling very famous goreng not much fan though...I find it very sweet for my taste ;)....Rainbow looking gud

Shama Nagarajan said...

Its lovely one...nice click

Asha said...

Photo of Rainbow is beautiful.

Ripe banana bajji is new, sweet and crunchy. good one! :)

Happy cook said...

Looks yumm never had them.

Usha said...

Sounds interesting ! Beautiful picture of the rainbow :-)

sowmya said...

have heard of it,,but never tried making..looks yumm..will try soon..

notyet100 said...

lovely click,.:-)

Purva Desai said...

Lovely colourful rainbow, adds colour to the Holi event. Banana fritters look crunchy and delicious. Thank you for the lovely entry for the event.


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