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Friday, October 3, 2003



Since the time I started this column, many people have been writing to me, they ask me queries on dosages, alternatives etc. etc. I am glad to help as much as possible but I would like to share with my readers that I am not a physician (kindly check the disclaimer below) nor were our grandmother's but they knew how to relieve us with herbs and spices available immediately at home.
Below are some home remedies, which I have heard of, read about and some which are tried and tested and proven to be effective time and again. I owe a lot to my parents who believe strongly in the power of herbs and home remedies. My father has written down many remedies, some of which are shared by me here for the benefit of the people at large. I would love to have contributions from visitors too.

Babies.......Our precious little ones. We wouldn't want anything to happen to them, but it is well known that the immune systems of babies below the age of one year are immature. Hence, they are very susceptible to falling sick with slight changes in weather, diet, water etc.
Every time I went to the doctor when my baby was sick, he gave me so many packets of medicines, one for cold, one cough, one for allergy, one for fever, one for stomach pain. I felt like I was torturing my baby force feeding her so many different medicines. I'd have to use all my power to subdue her and force feed the medicine. So many times, my baby would reject the medicines by spitting it, vomitting it after crying. After all this I used to wonder if the medicine actually went into her body or not.
I was scared to give her another dose as I was scared that it may become an overdose.
Feeding her the medicines was probably the biggest challenge for me.
The moment husband dear came home the first thing I would hand over to him was the challenge of feeding the Evening dose of the medicines of my baby.
I'm sure many people would agree that feeding a baby so many medicines is a daunting task and after feeding them you are still worried. We are also worried if our baby sleeps too much, has a urinary tract infection or feels constipated because of the medicines given by the doctor as these are the common side effects of consuming the medicines.
So, even after administering the medicines by the doctor. you are worried.......
That's when I realized the value of home remedies.
Indians as a race don’t like to give babies western medicines at the drop of the hat, it is for this reason that most Indian households stock up on medicinal herbs to tackle common situations such as gripes in the middle of the night or a sudden rise in body temperature.
These are also popularly known as Dadi Ma ke nuskhe (Grandmother's prescriptions).

Here is an advertisement that most Indians growing up would remember.....The Woodward's Gripe water Advertisement.

You can see that in the advertisement, a baby cries, the young mother is disturbed, immediately the grandmother of the baby comes and asks what's wrong and suggests her daughter-in-law to administer Woodward's Gripe water, then the great grandmother asks and the great-great grandmother asks. Such is the way, in Indian families, if anything happens, the whole family worries and usually the elderly suggest some home remedies, or herbs from the garden that can be administered to babies. This section is dedicated to preserve our traditional home remedies, which are so simple, easily available and good for the body system and don’t have any side effects. I hope for each and everyone to benefit from these. As we are progressing we are loosing touch of all these home remedies and have started heavily relying on western medicines which have harmful chemicals and side effects too. Simple ailments can be cured with a simple remedy available at home or the backyard garden and need not be treated with expensive visits to the doctor and harmful chemicals ingested into the body.
But not all home remedies may be suitable to every baby's constitution. Be sure to ask your child’s doctor to make sure anything you use is safe.



Anonymous said...

Garlic is a valuable herb in the treatment of cough and cold. The fresh juice of garlic along with an equal amount of honey is a useful home remedy.

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Amit said...

Hi Sukanya,
Very Good articles on health. Worth trying each one.

Also see this link:

This is also very useful.


Amit said...

Hi Sukanya,
Very Good articles. Worth trying all of them.

Also visit this link:

This is also useful.


Albert jett said...

home remedies is the good health for babies. Its effective and interesting article. Thanks for sharing nice blog.
Baby stomach pain

Ayesha Kazi said...

Thank you so much for sharing dadi ma ke nuske. My 5 month old son was very disturbed with loose motions since a week. We tried everything but in vain. He was only breast fed till then. I read about 'nutmeg' on your website and tried it out & it worked wonders. And yes he did have a sound sleep as well.
I boiled some yellow moong dal in a lot of water in an open container and used an egg beater to mash it well. then added grated nutmeg and jeera pwd to it...cooled and fed my little one.
Thank you once again.


Ayesha Kazi said...

Thank you so much for sharing dadi ma ke nuske.
The nutmeg therapy worked wonders on my 5 month old son. He was down with loose motions for the past 1 week. Stool test suggested mild infection. He had had no top feed till then. Tried everything to help him but all in vain. His pediatrician gave him a syrup which took care of the infection & the nutmeg helped to control the loosies.

Nikolay Argirov said...

Read useful information and reviews for digestive health products

HOME said...

Sukanya plz help.. my son is 23days old n he has caught cold since he was 15days.. He has heavy cough n breathing trouble with slight sneezes. Saw ur kashayam recipe for Cold and cough. But can i give this kashayam for such a small baby. Plz do reply asap, can't c him suffering. My mail id:


Nice post, I bookmark your blog because I found very good information on your blog, Thanks for sharing more informatiom

Sukanya said...

Dear Vishnu,

The kashayam is totally harmless and can be given to small babies....Kindly give it slightly warm and also use a warm compress for the baby's chest so it helps alleviate the congestion. Take a small amount of Vicks and rub it until warm under the feet and immediately cover the baby's feet with socks. This will help reduce the sneezing and coughing. If it's cold try to keep him near his mother for the additional body warmth and keep his chest covered. Ensure he has a good hot water bath. Give the warm compress to his chest every few hours. Hope and Pray your baby get's well soon.

God bless!!!

Thanks & regards

Sukanya said...

Dear all,
I usually reply to your e-mails for reasons of confidentiality but recently a reader asked me to reply here as well for the benefit of the larger audience. So I will do both
Thanks & regards

Bujji Honey said...

Dear sukanya mam plz help suddenly a black layer was formed on my 13 months son plz tell me any remedy to remove black layer plz....

Sukanya said...

Dear Bujji honey, Can you kindly write to me on
What do you mean by black layer was formed???Can you attach a picture of the before and after.
If incase you mean he has gotten tanned, then there are various things I can recommend which are safe for babies. You can write to me here or in private to my e-mail address. I am not a doctor but will try my best to help you with herbal remedies.

Leena - Bhavika Bajaj said...

Hello dear my son is 18 months having ver bad mouth ulcer and swollen gums can u suggest me a home remedy fr quick relief also his mouth stinks is there any remedy to cleN his mouth thank u

Leena - Bhavika Bajaj said...

Hello dear my son is 18 months having ver bad mouth ulcer and swollen gums can u suggest me a home remedy fr quick relief also his mouth stinks is there any remedy to cleN his mouth thank u

Sukanya said...

Dear Bujji Honey,
Thanks for your query. I received the photo of your son and had answered your query on the 28th of April itself. I hope the home remedy helps him.

Sukanya said...

For quicker answers & if you need privacy, please do write to my e-mail -

Sukanya said...

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer and Swelling in Gums

•Add salt to warm water and rinse your mouth with it. The proportion of salt should be high i.e., 3 tbsp of salt in one glass of warm water. Gargle with this water and let it stay in your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Swoosh the water around inside your mouth so that it covers your teeth and gums thoroughly. Do not rinse your mouth with plain water immediately if you want to have relief from the pain for longer time.

•You can apply coconut milk during the day time to the insides of the mouth and the gums. It will be soothing and help in healing.

•If you are breast feeding your baby. Keep breast feeding him/her. Breast milk can be very healing for mouth ulcers.

•If your baby suffers from swelling and infection in your gums more often, make it a habit of brushing your baby's teeth 3 times a day. Do not use a brush, but use your forefinger to brush gently. Please ensure that your finger nails are cut. Do not forget to make him rinse his mouth after every meal. Carry out proper hygiene.

•If the swelling does not subside for a couple of days and your baby is not eating properly or crying, see a dentist and go through the treatment prescribed.

Sukanya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sukanya said...

Leena - Bhavika Bajaj - I hope the Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcer and Swelling in Gums help your baby. God bless.

Sukanya said...

Anisha K 25 May 2014 (2 days ago)
to me
Dear sukanya,
I have a baby boy of 4 month birth he was 3.4 kgms .and now only 5.5kgms. I am too much worried about him. He has very poor appetite and he is not drinking the milk for his need. often crying for milk. but not drinking milk. Some times iam worrying that is there any problem with milk supply. What else I can give beside breast milk. Is there any infection in his stomach. Sometimes his stool has a color change of green.
I am giving him orange juice. is there any problem?
Please give advice to increase weight and appetite.


tamil said...

Hi sukanya
I hav the same query as seen above..
Pl reply

abc said...

Hi any if u pls get the answer can u pls reply to me as I hv also the same problem of poor apetite with LG

abc said...

Hi sukanya I hv lil girl of one year old n weight 3.3@ birth now 7.3 . She had a poor apetite pls pls mail me sme tips ASAP at

abc said...

Hi any if u pls get the answer can u pls reply to me as I hv also the same problem of poor apetite with LG

richa said...

Hi.. A very useful blog I must say.. Can you please send me a mail to I want to know if you have homemade food recipes for 6 months? And want to clear few things also.. Thanks

Sukanya said...

To all the people qwho have a smilar query as Anisha. I have written to her in her personal e-mail but every time I copy paste the same in the comments section, the system doesn't accept it as it has exceeded the number of characters allowed. So I decided to convert it as a post.
I will send the link to you'll soon.
As my children were having school vacations I was unable to respond immediately so I apologize for the same.
Thanks & regards,

tamil said...

Hi sukanya
can u post remedies to increase appetite in babies

Sukanya Thalpati said...

Hi Tamil,
Kindly click on the link below for answers. Hope it is helpful for you.

Thanks & regards

Sanjay Sood said...

Am looking a way on how to cure indigestion. Got a link on how to cure indigestion, actually my mother faces this issue frequently and I thought of trying a few home remedies. Thank you for the sharing nice information.

Neelima Sagi said...

Hi sukanya,

As I have a 5months baby boy which suffering with motion, I mean its not getting regularly can u plzz suggest the home remedies for hime.

Sukanya Thalpati said...

Dear Neelima,
Kindly click on thelink below and check under Constipation
Thanks & God Bless

Sajit Sankaran said...

Hi sukanya,
Can I feed my 2 month old baby Baal ghutti with honey for one month?

paramjit singh said...

Hi sukanya can we give gripe water and dabur jannam gutti to my 2 months old son he lost appetite from last 3 days sudden pls help thanks a lot

Sukanya Thalpati said...

Hi Paramjit Singhji,
You can give Gripe water and dabur janam ghutti. But i feel that giving the fresh herbs is always better
as indicated in my blog. Is there a reason he lost his apetite? Was he sick? Kindly share with me.

rohit said...

HI .My daughter is 15 months old. She is having swelling in her right hand frm last 3-4 days and she is crying too. pls suggest some remedy ....

Sukanya Thalpati said...

Dear Rohit,
Sorry about the delay in reply. For quick response write in to my e-mail Id -

With regards to your daughter. In these cases always do a complete body check and find out which parts of the body are in pain. whether she had a fall? Rush to your nearest medical practitioner.
Do give her milk mixed with turmeric for quicker healing.
Be next to the child and give her loads of Tender loving care.
Best wishes for a quick recovery!!
God bless!!

Deepika Jadhav said...

Hi mam
my daughter is 1 year old and having vry loose stools for last 3 days 6 times a days shown to doc he prescribed medicines bt no improvement at all plz suggest me some home remedies for her motions she is also teething bt dont knw what would be the reason.

Oriel Martins said...

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4. ALS
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radhika royal said...

Hi sukanya mam
my son is2.2kg at birth he is an iugr baby.nw he is 11mnths old bt he is 7kg he has poor appetite.pls suggest me remedies to improve his appetite.

Savleen Kaur said...

Hi can I please get the reply to my email as well. At
I have a baby of 3.5 months and having same symptoms like yours

Savleen Kaur said...

Hi can I please get the reply to my email as well. At
I have a baby of 3.5 months and having same symptoms like yours

Banu Susee said...

Hi mam,
My baby s 20 days old.she having constipation problem and cold.pls give me some suggestions. She s troubling a lot. Emailid-

Sukanya Thalpati said...

@ Banu Susee,
Firstly, Is your baby taking any allopathic medicines for the cold? If so, the allopathic medicines usually cause constipation
If not,
Kindly click on the link below and check under Constipation
For the cold
Herbal Mix for Herbal water - (This helps in the Cold & the Constipation)
Take Cumin seeds(Jeera), Fennel(Saunf/Sombu), Bishops weed(Ajwain/Omam), Dill seeds(Suva),All ingredients 1/2 cup and a teaspoon of coriander seeds,dry roast them and cool them and keep them in a box. Everyday you take 1 tablespoon of the mix and boil in water. This water when warm or cool administer to your baby. Do not give normal water. Whenever the baby asks for water, give him this water. The water should be warm. This will help a lot with his gastric problem if in case he is taking docto'rs medicines which usually causes constipation.

You can also refer to the link below for herbal remedies, Rub dry ginger, Athimathuram(mulethi), thippili, chitharathai and give the baby. All these herbs are easily available in Indian herbal medicines stores.
If you are breastfeeding your baby, avoid eating cold things. This will help your baby.
Give your baby a bath in hot/warm water(only) and immediately dry him.
Warm compress the baby's chest and back 2-3 times a day. Apply Vicks liberally to your baby's feet. He will have a good night's sleep.
Apply vicks to the chest and back area and immediately cover him with clothes. Let the baby sleep next to his mother and get her warmth.
Hope these remedies help your baby and he gets better soon.

God bless!!!
Thanks and Regards
Sukanya Yogesh

Unknown said...

Can u plz suggest me a home remedy for my baby who poos green since last day...?

jona jona said...

Can u plz suggest me a home remedy for my 9mo baby who poops green since last day?

jona jona said...

Can u plz suggest me a home remedy for my baby who poops green since last day?

jona jona said...

Can u plz suggest me a home remedy for my baby who poos green since last day...?

Soniya Mehra said...


Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe in Hindi

Medipta Solutions said...

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art of living said...

Meri sister ka ldka bilkul sota nhi hai..plss can u help me..its nutmag work.

Ruhani sharma said...

Very nice blog ...This niuska is very helpful for the babies cause with this all the babies can be happy and strong too.

love problem


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