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Sunday, June 15, 2008


At the office lunch party
Lady In Pink : Everyday my husband calls me from work and asks me, “Whats for dinner” When I say,” Rasam (is a south Indian soup) and a curry(dry vegetable).He says, “How boring”. I get tired after a hard days work at office and I really don’t know what to cook that will cheer him up” I don’t like him sulking at the dinner table.
Lady in Blue : I think I know what you can do, cook the same thing, just garnish it well, give it a different color and bestow the dish with an exotic name and he sure will come running home to savor it.

Later that night
Husband of Lady in Pink : Hi honey, I will be reaching home by 7ish. Whats for dinner?
Lady In Pink : Mulligatawny soup, garnished with fresh coriander and handpicked potatoes tossed with chilly and freshly ground spices cooked on a slow fire to perfection
The next day at work
Lady In Pink : It worked! Thank you so much, He was so impressed and I actually cooked what I usually cook only altered the look a bit and served it very nicely.
Lady in Blue : You are most welcome. Sometimes we just need to make a few changes here and there. I even cook dishes from leftovers and my husband can’t even guess. Everything depends on how you present it.

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